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About Peoduct:
Price : Rs. 36000

It is a Professional Injection Pump electronic drill powered and designed especially for easy and fa

It is a Professional Injection Pump electronic drill powered and designed especially for easy and fast Injection of double component synthetic resin to the concrete structures. The two components (Generally named as Type A and Type B) of the grout are mixed in a definite proportion and used to fill the voids.

These grout chemicals are very fast acting and needs immediate attention after mixing. This pump ejects the chemical mixture immediately after mixing, which avoids the settling of grout mixture in pump line or hose line, hence it gives a mess free working.


  • Additional Information

    ? Gross: 9.00 Kg
    ? Max Output Pressure: 11000 PSI
    ? Star-up: < 7500 PSI
    ? Safety Scope of High-pressure pipe: < 14000 PSI
    ? Safety Scope of On-off Valve: < 18000 PSI
    ? Safety Scope of Butter Head: < 16000 PSI

    Standard Specification:
    ? Machine Body
    ? 5 meters high pressure pipe
    ? Switch Valve Suit(including Butter Head)
    ? Electric Drill Machine
    ? Maintenance Saddlebag.
    ? Discharge-0.9lpm.
    ? Single line discharge for pre-mixed resins
    ? Light weight & simple operation
    ? Remote switch operated
    ? Easy flush after usage

    Application Scope:

    • For the crack, flexing crack, construction crack, and instruction crack of building and concrete project.
    • Cracking of building, girder, pole, board etc. structure, inject epoxy resin with high-handed.
    • Leak stopping for underground, tunnel, culvert, sewage disposing pool, concrete fissure.
    • Leak stopping for floor, wall pipe, and wall corner Grouting of reservoir and dam for the water conservancy project, leak stopping of
        the water transporting tunnel, seepage control of the concrete crack of the embankment.
    • Leak stopping for basement, underground garage, and underground channels.
    • Leak stopping for the breast wall of artesian well in geologic drilling project.